Valery Spiridonov To Become First Human Head Transplant Patient

Valery Spiridonov
Valery Spiridonov

Valery Spiridonov is slowly dying. He suffers from an incurable illness known as Werdnig-Hoffmann. The disease is the most severe type of spinal muscular atrophy. There is no cure, no treatment for Werdnig-Hoffmann, and Mr. Spiridonov’s health is rapidly declining.

Despite this situation, Mr. Spiridonov does have hope. It comes in the form of a controversial surgical procedure that could take over 100 doctors and nurses well beyond 24 hours to complete. Valery Spiridonov has volunteered for the first human head transplant surgery.

Back in January 2015, I posted a TED talk by Dr. Sergio Canavero. Now, Dr. Canavero wants to save Valery Spiridonov’s life by performing the procedure.

Ethical speaking, is this the right thing to do? Will Mr. Spiridonov suffer from new forms of madness and pain brought on by the body and head rejecting the procedure?

While only time will tell the outcome of the procedure, as things currently are, Valery Spiridonov is slowly dying.