Frye Art Museum, Genius Opening Reception


Tonight is the opening reception of ‘Genius’ at the Frye Art Museum. As sunset approaches, I begin my walk through downtown Seattle, enjoying the growing darkness.

Clouds roll in and a sharp breeze helps to wake me for the night. The cold wind feels in sync with the thumping sound of my music, Krieg by :Wumpscut:.

The event begins at 7p, and time has slipped passed me. So I decide to catch a ride with Lyft. The driver arrives within minutes and promptly gets me to the Frye Art Museum.

frye-snoopyArriving before much of the nights heaviest crowds gave me a chance to take my time and enjoy each exhibit. The Frye Art Museum is an inviting, wonderful location. Each room flowed to the next, yet provided a unique energy. This seemed to oblige the museum patrons to stop, interact and enjoy the art. The entire exhibit exuded a sense of continuity in multi-media wonderment.

frye-construction-exhibitI thoroughly enjoyed my time at the reception and look forward to returning soon and often.

The Genius Exhibit at Frye Museum in Seattle, WA is on display from September 26th 2015 to January 10th 2016.

The Frye Art Museum is located at 704 Terry Avenue Seattle, Washington 98104.

Visit their website or call 206-622-9250 for more details about this and other exhibits.