The Official X-Files Trailer

The first trailer fits into the old canon without ignoring the massive changes to society since the original series took place. I also saw glimmers of monsters, which always makes me smile. Along with the expected return of Scully, Mulder & Skinner, there is the return of The Smoking Man. William B. Davis’ masterful portrayal of the shadowy figure is iconic and made for one of my all time favorite characters of any series or genre.

I’m just excited (sort of) for the whole X-Files reboot to get underway. There’s always room for some alien invasion, government conspiracy, scifi-horror mashup based entertainment. And that’s where the ‘sort of’ comes in. Nothing I’ve seen has me concerned about the show, but nothing has me ‘geeking‘ out either. The X-Files is  one my favorite shows, it’s coming back very soon and I’m kind of, eh :\ . It puts me in a weird place of hoping for the best but not expecting too much.

I know what will fix it. I need to see more of what’s going on with the series. Maybe some behind the scenes visits will help 😉

Meanwhile, I’m counting down until Monday January 25th, 2016 for the series premiere.