Twilight 10th Anniversary Genderswap

life-and-death-twilight-reimaginedTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of her vampire romance Twilight, author Stephenie Meyer has something for her fans. She has re-imagined her Twilight by changing the gender of the main characters . Belle is Beau and Edward is Edyth.

Stephenie Meyer said that writing the over 400 page piece was “fun, but also really fast and easy.” Fast and easy…. fast…. easy….

She also said that she has altered some elements of the mythology for consistency. Meyer first announced that there would be some sort of bonus content packaged as a part of the anniversary edition during the Forever Twilight Festival in Forks, Washington.

As a non-fan of the series, the only issue I am having with any of this, is that comment Meyer made about the process being fast and easy. I’m hoping that character reactions and interactions are not the same, and that this is more than a simple Find & Replace. But to be perfectly honest, I’m not holding my breath. At least I get to post another link to the excellent Buffy vs Edward video 🙂