2016 Leafly Comedy Tour in Seattle

Last night in Seattle was the launch of the Leafly Comedy Tour. The show was headlined by T.J. Miller with locals Emmett Montgomery and Adam Ray.

Adam opened the night with a short but sweet set, he was pretty damn funny and I will go see him again. Emmett was damn funny as he bestowed his ‘insight’ on meatloaf, whiskey with clams and all he knows about women.

T.J. Miller was blowing minds and delivering Buddha. With bag-of-dicks, entitled bitches and Derrick’s dad, Miller had plenty of chances to let loose. Like a surgeon removing random pieces just for fun, T.J. Miller let loose on few heckling fools and had the crowd laughing at their expense. Comedy can be brutal.

The Leafly Comedy Tour in Seattle was a lively, entertaining event. The team brought together the community in an incredible way for an entertaining night. The show was free, but the performances, venue and atmosphere where all top notch. There are two more nights on the tour, Los Angeles in February and Denver in March. If you have a chance, I highly recommend you go. Just make sure to RSVP and show up early.