Se7en Days With Gilmore Girls, Zyka Virus, Kittens & Deadpool

Welcome to Se7en Days, a glance back at some wtf and oh yeah moments this week.

Gilmore Girls

Since my wife is currently binge watching the Gilmore Girls, I’ve been catching myself humming the theme song from time to time. Yesterday at Walgreen’s, I immediately recognized it playing overhead. And now Netflix has resurrected the show. Ok universe, more Gilmore it is.

Zyka Virus

There have been lot’s of reports on Zyka Virus lately, so I asked someone to check in on my readers and make sure they are ok.

Before you freak out, or if you already have, Google Zyka Virus. The seeming benign symptons found in Zyka Virus, coupled with a potential link in pregnant women to birth defects, is a driver of massive concern.  In most cases, the illness is mild with symptoms lasting under a week and include fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. Since there is no vaccine or specific treatment for the disease, treatment focuses on relieving the symptoms with rest, re-hydration and a few pain medications.

Buonanotte! 🐱 #miao

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Deadpool is bringing heart and dismembered limbs to Valentines Day weekend this year. The merc w/a mouth remains one of Marvel’s most morally controversial characters.

#Deadpool’s juicy new TV spot is made with 2% real roses. Catch #DeadpoolOnTheBachelor tonight.🌹

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Comfortable with locking up friends and shooting people for defending the Star Wars prequels, Deadpool doesn’t have the best track record with love interests. He is also horribly disfigured, sexually fluid and mentally erratic. Sounds like Ryan Reynolds to me.


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And now a little meta. This week saw the first post in both Comic Strip and Creature Feature. It also saw a dramatic shift behind the scenes with the completion and update of a series of powerful plugins and the OpEd WordPress theme. Onsite, daily traffic increased more than 150% over the previous week. Both the Sponsor page and Patron page are under construction.

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