This Is How Twitter’s New Timeline Algorithm Will Work

Buzzfeed recently reported that Twitter will be adding an algorithm into the stream of those you follow. Hence, #RIPTwitter. It began trending almost instantly and for most of the day. Soon, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was trying to calm people down, but may have only made it worse.

If Twitter matters to you, don’t freak out, you can opt out of the upcoming feature. Which may be a bad idea. The change is actually a new function that doesn’t alter your live stream. What it does do is provide an update of the top tweets you have missed. If clean & well minded, the new function will please both power users and those that infrequently check Twitter.

Basically, the coming algorithm is based on the one that ranks tweets for the “while you were away” feature. The same feature that Twitter introduced about a year ago and that most people either don’t seem to mind, or have become accustomed to using.

When you open the Twitter app and scroll down, the stream will show you the top tweets since you have been gone. When you scroll back up, the stream is still the reverse-chronological order of live tweets. The changes don’t seem to interfere with the actual live stream you have curated, just provide a more robust “top tweets” feature. I’m ok with that, what about you?