This New Daft Punk Helmet Is Insane & Amazing

Boasting some impressive technological capabilities, this fan made Daft Punk helmet is gorgeous as hell! But like all labors of love, it was also filled with labor. From the video description:

Daft Punk Helmet

More than just a tribute of the Daft Punks GuyMan. A hand made sculpted model, grade A+ attention to detail, custom design PCB electronics, Wifi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, 250 RGB leds and a huge programming job , make this unit a really special tribute to the iconic helmet. A light instrument designed for composing and generate music for the eyes, housed on a one-of-a-kind high quality redesigned GM helmet. The designing, building and programming of the GM01 unit took more than one year of daily work. Finishing it with the desired quality was a huge odyssey.

Personally, I think that Love Props did an amazing job. Hopefully Daft Punk see the new helmet and show it some serious love.