Launching ArcanaPost

ArcanaPost is an entertainment blog and production company. My name is Eric Arcana and I write about community, entertainment, fashion and travel.

I also work in the advertisement and entertainment industries. This can often include travel, long hours and lot’s of hard labor. Since I often work under an NDA, I do not post or share details and remain mindful of privacy.

13 years ago, I began creating graphics, video clips and blog posts about commercial and independent entertainment. Moving away from online support and website development, I purchased the domain name for The Unclean. As a gallery website with social media campaigns, The Unclean showcased entertainment of a darker nature. Covering iconic classics and cult hits to upcoming releases and unseen oddities, it was a fun and rewarding project.

I am launching ArcanaPost to cover a wider range of topics in a different architecture. Even the website itself is under construction as the project begins.

ArcanaPost showcases commercial and independent projects. Raising awareness through blog posts, social media campaigns and at special events. Broadcasting live when I can, you can view my full schedule here or a few upcoming entries on the live page and in the footer.