ArcanaPost is an entertainment blog and production company. My name is Eric Arcana, and I work as a Production Assistant. This is where I write about community, entertainment, fashion and travel.

Clients & Experience

I am a former master of the ten key and acronym wrangler for high end fashion and finance companies alike; my LinkedIn profile. Now, I run ArcanaPost while assisting content creators.

Confidentiality, NDA’s & Privacy

Working for talented and amazing people, I am diligent and mindful of client requirements. Working behind the scenes, I support clients on closed sets and in privacy. Production work is not posted unless client approved.

Contact, Events & Schedule

Clients have my direct contact information for immediate support. This may include a direct line and general location for stand-by and ETA. Below is general contact information and a few entries from the schedule. Here is the full public schedule.

August 2019

Saturday, August 24

Instagram, Twitter & Twitch @EricArcana

email: eric@ArcanaPost.com

Lifeforms & Sponsors

Eric Arcana is a life long gamer, geek, goth, and sci-fi fan. Working remote and traveling between Seattle and Los Angeles throughout 2019 and 2020 to launch ArcanaPost. ยป more.

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