OpEd Theme

OpEd is a child theme for use with the Gazette theme by Automattic. OpEd was first developed for ArcanaPost by Eric Arcana in Autumn of 2015.

Gazette has the clean and efficient design I find ideal for parent themes. I created OpEd to include essential functions with aesthetic adjustments.

Eric Arcana
  • Completed:
    • modified grid layout for archives & homepage
    • boxed layout
    • shift top navigation
    • include WordPress Dashicons into front end
    • increase default content width on entries with a sidebar
    • migrate post meta below content
    • emphasize footer content
  • Work In Progress
    • Use ‘Custom Header’ function of Gazette with title & description overlay for archives & homepage
    • Enhanced author profile
  • What now?
    • Future updates about OpEd can be found in the Meta posts.