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Join Karen Gillian For A Tour of Her Los Angeles, CA Home

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Karen Gillian invites Architectural Digest viewers on a tour of her California home. Starting with the foyer, Gillian says she likes to wander down to welcome guests into her home. She then shows off some of the photography by Christopher Lowell that is hanging at the bottom of the stairs with one of them being her husband Nick Kocher’s bum.

Moving to the living room, Gillian shows her love of older things which is part of why the couple purchased a home built in the 1930s. The couple enlisted Pierce & Ward to create the living spaces they wanted. The living room boasts a Scotch-loaded bar, a gaming area, and a Steinway & Sons piano. Gillian even sits down to play part of a song.

Watch the video as Karen Gillian gives Architectural Digest a tour of her wonderful home in Los Angeles, California.

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