Thursday, May 30, 2024

Check Out The Trailer for Dave The Diver

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You play as Dave, an optimistic professional diver that doesn’t refuse requests and has a strong sense of justice. Dave never overlooks people in trouble. Cobra is a former arms dealer that has convinced Dave (you) and Bancho (a sushi chef) to open a sushi restaurant near an underwater world known as the Blue Hole.

The mysterious Blue Hole has an ecology and terrain that continue to change. Dave was investigating the Blue Hole when discovered that the descendants of ancient Sea People still live in the deep sea and are under threat. To prevent a catastrophe, Dave dives deeper and deeper into the Blue Hole in search of a solution.

Dave The Diver provides deep-sea exploration in a beautiful sea setting and restaurant management in which you finance the shop by capturing and cooking fish.

Visit the Dave The Diver game page on Steam.

Visit the Dave The Diver page on the official website of MintRocket.


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