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Take A Tour of Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs Home

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In black & white, Michael Stern opens dual folding doors to reveal the audio entertainment center. With a flick of a switch, the audio system comes to life as Stern turns a large frequency dial and adjusts the main gain. As the music begins, Stern discusses Twin Palms, Frank Sinatra’s Iconic House in Palm Springs, California.

Stern continues by saying that when Frank Sinatra’s Palms Springs home was built, there was only the open desert. Stern says that when houses were built in Palm Springs exclusively built as second residences but for fun and leisure.

Twin Palms was the first home designed by E. Stewart Williams and was built in 1947 for Frank Sinatra. The original design of the home has remained intact with a notable exception for the entrance. To provide a more dramatic arrival into the home, the entrance was moved to the opposite side of the street.

The softness and comfort are parried with good separation, providing a home that is fun and private for the occupants.

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