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Join Amanda Seyfried For A Tour of Her Peaceful New York Home

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Amanda Seyfried welcomes Architectural Digest viewers to her New York City apartment, “I’d love to show it to you, cause it’s very cool.” After a brief video montage of Amanda Seyfried’s home, she speaks highly of Sarah Zames from General Assembly. Seyfried states that she had previously worked with Zames on a farm residence in upstate New York.

Starting in the foyer, Seyfried points out an oak wall that separates the kitchen with hanging spots, a key holder, and a mirror, “You got to check your look before you leave.”

Into the airy, open kitchen, she points out a pot filler faucet presiding over the four-burner stovetop and admits that she doesn’t know what it is, but that her husband wanted it. Seyfried then gleefully announces that she can do her own wash in her apartment as she shows the cleverly hidden clothes washer and dryer.

After a quick view of the powder room, Seyfried shares details about her dining room area, including the custom bookshelf for books and artwork. She points out the intentional curves to soften the many hard edges. While discussing the artwork, she mentions that there is toilet art in every room and that she has a custom wool vagina hanging in her upstate residence.

While entering the television/living room, Seyfried points out her favorite piece of art and the only painting in that area, a piece by Mark Ryden. She explains that Ryden was inspired to create that piece for her after Seyfried mentioned wanting to be painted with a dead cat. With a large l-shaped couch and gorgeous reupholstered antique chairs, the living room has a large, hidden TV and two toy drawers in the full wall coat closet.

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