Sunday, May 26, 2024

Watch The First Official Trailer for Killers of the Flower Moon

Save it!

Stadium Pow Wow featuring Black Bear by The Halluci Nation plays as William Hale (played by Robert De Niro) begins, “The Osage. They have the worst land possible. But they outsmarted everybody. The land had oil on it, black gold. Money flows freely here now.”

Based on a true American story comes Martin Scorsese’s latest film, Killers of the Flower Moon. An American epic Western crime drama film is based on David Grann’s best-selling book. Killers of the Flower Moon is set in 1920s Oklahoma and depicts the serial murder of members of the oil-wealthy Osage Nation, a string of brutal crimes that came to be known as the Reign of Terror.

Visit the official Killers of the Flower Moon page on the Apply TV+ website.

Expecting a miracle to make all this go away? You know they don’t happen anymore.

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