Sunday, May 26, 2024

Watch The Overwatch Anime Short, Genesis Part Two: Innocence

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Aurora awakens to see her creator shedding tears of joy. A robot with artificial intelligence, she was born in a laboratory, surrounded by her creators. Aurora would eventually pass all tests, including legal hurdles, to become recognized as a sentient being. Aurora was granted her freedom and released into a human world that she did not understand.

Meanwhile, Omnica Corp faced scrutiny, investigations, and allegations of mismanagement and fraud. Ominica Corp fell and its massive automated production lines were abandoned by humans.

Then came the Ominic Crises. Ominics began attacking humans all over the globe.

A God Program called Anubis had taken over the abandoned production lines. Anubis built an army of warbots of its own design. Created to help humanity maintain ecological balance and conservation, Anubis could not fulfill its object while humans existed.

As humanity faced its demise, a select few rose to meet the challenge. They were codenamed Overwatch. Leading a worldwide war against human extinction, Overwatch gave hope to humanity that it may survive.

Stay tuned for GENESIS Part Three: Rebirth, premiering July 20 at 9 am PT

Visit the Overwatch page on the official Blizzard Entertainment website.

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