Sunday, May 26, 2024

Learn About The ‘Saved’ Feature on ArcanaPost

Save it!

Welcome to a tutorial on how to use the ‘Saved’ feature on ArcanaPost. These are not browser bookmarks, and there is no registration required.

The ‘Saved’ feature uses cookies to save any of the 279 posts made on the ArcanaPost website to the ‘Saved’ page. That means the ‘Saved’ page is a custom, viewer-defined collection of ArcanaPost content.

You will see the ‘Save it!‘ button beneath the featured header image of every article posted on the ArcanaPost website. Pressing the ‘Save it!‘ button will add that post to your collection of saved content. Saving a post changes the button to “Unsave“. Pressing the ‘Unsave‘ button will remove it from your ‘Saved’ page.

You can see the total number of saved items in the icon beneath the featured header image of articles, in the top header menu (on computers and tablets), and below the ‘Featured Coverage’ menu in the footer. Clicking the icon takes you to the ‘Saved’ page.

On the ‘Saved’ page, you will see the featured image, post title, category, and an excerpt from each item that has been collected. There are ten saved items per page with arrows at the bottom to scroll through the collection. Beneath the arrows is a button to delete all of the saved content and tutorials about ArcanaPost, like this one.

Since the ‘Saved’ feature uses cookies, they will be cleared if cookies are cleared. Similarly, the saved content does not follow you from one device to another. If you have cookies disabled or are using incognito mode on your browser, the ArcanaPost ‘Saved’ feature will not function.

Visit the Saved page.

There is no registration available on Do not attempt to register or login as you may become blocked.

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