Thursday, May 30, 2024

Watch The Apex Legends Resurrection Gameplay Trailer

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Ballistic, Fuse, and Bloodhound enter with guns drawn, ready for battle. One by one, Revenant dispatches them all. In season 18 of Apex Legends, Revenant is unlocked for everyone and comes with an all-new design and set of skills.

Revenant’s new passive is Assassin’s Instinct and it highlights nearby low health enemies while improving crouch walk and climbing speed. The new tactical Shadow Pounce allows for farther leaps by holding the jump button to charge it up until his hands glow with power. Revenant’s new ultimate is Forged Shadows, which provides protective shadows that block damage. Both the ultimate and tactical refresh when you knock down enemies.

In season 18 of Apex Legends, Mixtape comes to the Broken Moon map. Now in the Mixtape rotation are Gun Run plus Team Deathmatch on The Core and Control at Production Yard.

There is also a new collection of skins during the Death Dynasty Collection Event of season 18 Apex Legends.

Visit the official Apex Legends website.

Do you know what it’s like to be torn apart and stitched back together?

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