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Game On

Live gaming on ArcanaPost weekdays starting at 2pm PST. Monday through Friday, join me battling in ranked and random matches of Apex Legends.

Evolution of Game On

  • May of 2021: Live On Location expands live broadcasts to include live blogging
  • March of 2020: Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic; see covid-19 timeline
  • February of 2019: Eric returns to part-time live broadcasting
  • August of 2017: Eric Arcana was attacked from behind; all work on hold
  • August of 2017: live coverage of the 2017 Seattle Hempfest
  • April of 2017: live coverage of the 2017 WA State Dope Cup
  • October of 2016: first video samples/pitches for production; watch Track of Time
  • May of 2016: first film live broadcast, horror classic Night of the Living Dead
  • March of 2016: first live political broadcast at Bernie Sanders Political Rally in Seattle, WA
  • June of 2013: first live gaming on Twitch with Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodline
  • July of 2007: first shared video gaming content on YouTube with The Darkness Game Intro