Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Official Trailer

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Mike Schmidt is desperate for a job and will take anything he can get. While calling career counselor Steve Raglan, Mike discovers a job opening for night security at an abandoned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. Working the night shift, Mike brings his daughter Piper and tells her she sleeps while he works.

When a police officer shows up, she asks if Mike has met the animatronics and explains that kids went missing in the 80s. Even though the police searched Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place from top to bottom, the missing kids were never found.

This Halloween, the terrifying horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s becomes a bloody cinematic event. The Five Nights At Freddy’s movie is in theaters and streaming on Peacock on October 27th, 2023.

Visit the official Five Nights At Freddy’s page on the Universal Pictures website.

Visit the official Five Nights At Freddy’s movie website.

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