Sunday, May 26, 2024

It’s Just A Video Game

Save it!

“We all fail. We all make mistakes. It’s what makes us human,” Master Chief, Halo. My parents introduced me to video games at arcades in the early 1980s. Later that decade came personal computer games, and eventually the internet, consoles, and smartphones. Video games have been a part of my life for decades. As it is for many around the world.

Loss is also a part of life. I learned about the impermanence and fragility of life at a young age. I know that when the world seems filled with madness and the streets flow with blood, a reprieve can save one’s sanity and life. So, take a breath, steel yourself, and rise to the challenge once again.

Video games allow one to fail over and over, across infinite worlds and through all of time. Find your focus, be at peace, and accept the challenges within your losses. We are here now with the ghosts of those we knew and loved. Honor them, and yourself, with all that you can.

It’s Just A Video Game Playlist features: VGW Jack, Palentro, husman3, and Innocent.

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