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Watch The Polestar 4 Debut at The Shanghai Auto Show

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Surrounded by red flowers and sitting atop a white platform, Polestar unveils the Polestar 4 at the 2023 Shanghai auto show. The Polestar 4 is an electric SUV coupé that is scheduled for arrival in 2024. Polestar 4 has the aerodynamics of a coupé, the space of an SUV, and advanced technology for the electric age.

The rear window has been replaced with a rear-facing high-definition camera to provide a much wider field of vision. There are 12 cameras, one radar, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. This includes a driver monitoring camera to relay data and monitor the driver’s eyes and head movements to help avoid incidents related to fatigue or incapacitation. Together with hands-on detection in the steering wheel, the driver monitoring system helps to keep the driver actively engaged in driving.

And, with Google built-in, Polestar 4 instantly becomes a natural part of the driver’s digital ecosystem. Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Home are all integrated as standard.

The design of the Polestar 4 is absolutely gorgeous and innovative. The stretched panoramic roof creates an airy and spacious interior for every seat and the extended roofline gives the rear passengers a modern and roomy environment. And the low, sporty front with rear aero blades and flat floor optimize range and efficiency.

Visit the official Polestar website.

Visit the page for the Polestar 4 on the Polestar website.

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