Sunday, May 26, 2024

Smosh Summoned A Demon

Save it!

Ian is sleeping fully clothed in bed when Anthony barges into the bedroom and excitedly asks, “Ian, guess what day it is?!” Of course, Ian responds that he thinks it is Christmas. Anthony crushes Ian’s hopes of Christmas in June and begins to chant “Taylor Swift ticket day.” Ian quickly joins in the chant so the duo mosey on over to a laptop only to be foiled. The tickets are all sold out. Although there are plenty of Liam Payne tickets, Anthony and Ian are despondent and wonder how will they be able to get Taylor Swift tickets.

In sync, the duo’s first and only response is, “The Dark Arts!” Anthony slams down a small black leather-bound book with a pentagram cover. The book reveals that it is simple as Hell to summon what they need, just download the app. That page in the book even provides a handy-dandy QR code. That’s when Siri gets involved to help Anthony and Ian. Maybe help is too strong a word. Watch what happens.

It could happen to anyone!

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